Joan Mera

Joan Mera

Grupo Planeta

Nowadays, the sustainable transformation of our organizations constitutes one of the main challenges that we must face. If you haven’t already done so, define your sustainability strategy, align it with your corporate strategy and take advantage of it to generate more value for your organization. It is a big transformation that affects not only the processes but also in the organizationĀ“s behaviour, but critical to keep our organizations as solid and healthy players for the years to come. Let’s share ideas and write this story together.

It is often said that there is no better gift than being in the right place at the right time. It is exactly what I feel after more than 20 years of experience in the publishing sector, in different executive management positions at Grupo Planeta. I feel that I am witnessing and being an active part of the great transformation and continuous adaptation that the book publishing sector has been undergoing in recent years, with changes in some cases that are difficult to anticipate and even imagine, which have made it one of the most exciting and attractive in which to develop a professional career. If it has always been a privilege to work hand in hand with those who tell us their stories in the place that makes them tangible and even remarkable, now even more if that is even possible.

Because if there is an area, currently, within the publishing sector, where changes are being experienced in a more significant and frenetic way, generating an incredible number of challenges and opportunities, it is the one in which I am currently carrying out responsibilities: the supply chain.

Who could have imagined it? But yes: game-changing challenges in technology and digitalization processes, sustainability transformation, supply chain disruptions, demand strength, tensions in sources and supply deadlines, etc. etc… are provoking very huge impacts in all the flow, challenging us to constantly adapt, innovate and search for the best solutions, always in collaboration with all the actors in every link of the chain, to continue contributing to keeping the magic of books and reading alive.

So, if you want to feel thrilling emotions, come and enjoy the challenges and the exciting opportunities the book supply chain is currently offering. Gripping, I promise šŸ˜‰