Manrique García Pérez

Manrique García Pérez


Sociologist focused on understanding how problems can be solved through design.

Currently is leading the research team for the global design of BBVA, and is the head of the Financial Health Design Area.

His career began as a photographer in the Anaya Group, making photographic reports for the publishing sector, after this period he returned to sociology and began to work doing social studies and training as an independent worker, for universities and consultants, at the same time he did the courses of the CIS and Praxis of the sociology of Consumption. He finally joined the user research to design digital platforms, where he worked for two German consultancies (Blue-c and Pixelpark).

Since 2001, he has worked at BBVA, where he started as a usability expert and, later, as a leader in design projects, SEO, SEM, Web Analytics. In 2013 he created the Laboratory in the BBVA Innovation Center and a Research Team for Global Design, to get to know the users and improve the designs of services and digital platforms.