Roy Conan Alonso Rissing


Passionate about technology, as a child I assembled computers piece by piece with my father, a professor of bioinformatics. I learned to read and write to be able to put commands in MS-DOS.

Self-taught to the core, at the age of 16 I started making web pages for companies, and since then I have been learning all the technologies that have fallen into my hands.

To broaden my knowledge, I did a master’s degree in video game design that gave me a foundation on all modeling and texturing programs to be able to interact more efficiently with designers.

I have also been interested in the way companies work, and for two years I lived by investing in the Spanish continuous market. And for another two I was inside a consulting firm, taking a closer look at its operation.

Now I have decided to jump into the pool and with my partners to set up what I hope will be a company that changes the future of the digital entertainment sector.