Learning to innovate, learning to learn

In the 2016 edition, the video game industry was a relevant piece during most of the sessions.
During the IDDM the challenge was to define a comparative framework between the marketing of ebooks and video games.
Readmagine devoted an entire day discussing the implications of digitization and education.
During the meeting titled «Learning across the boundaries»  there were three main strategies:
  1. Identify opportunities in uncertainty
  2. Experts in education, publishing, video games and disruptive technologies work to re-imagine the creation of educational content
  3. Mobilize students’ learning capacities
    When we conceive the new publishing as tool construction rather than as an offer of finished and closed content
  4. Convert borders into territories for innovation
Conversations between engineers, teachers or editors to import ideas and process:
The third edition of the International Meeting of Digital Distributors had as the general thread the dialogue with the video game industry and the inspiration from this industry’s mindset and insights.
From the presentation of the Ebook Global Report was clear that the different segments of the publishing culture begin to segregate and some of those small resulting universes converge towards the world of video games, such as graphic novels and everything that is capable of being animated.Another conclusion was that the transformation of consumer behavior allows the generation of different products around the same intellectual property (from a narrative building video games, comics or merchandising).

Another day was entirely devoted to the elearning state of the art, under the title: «The diversification of elearning business models: Open edX».

Seven visions of e-learning were presented during this Readmagine edition. All the projects that were explained have in common the use of Open edX as platform software, but each one of them represented a bet in a different direction. Thus, one of the clear conclusions of the day was that in e-learning industry there is also a diversification of business models.

The day around the library’s innovation consisted in a showcase of several experiences that were designed by the FGSR or prototypes that were a result of the collaboration with public networks as well as community initiatives.  A gathering was held with residents of San Fermín and Arganzuela (Madrid), with librarians and various experts who shared their projects. The FGSR was working during that year in several projects for the redefinition of the library in Gijón, Madrid and Castilla y León.

Here you can access to several videos of 2016 edition:

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