Anne Bergman-Tahon after studying medieval history (at Brussels University) and Copyright Law (at Brussels University an Kings College London) worked in public relations and journalism before joining the FEP where she became Director in 2004.

Managing director World Expression Forum , Chair of the Freedom to Publish Committee in the International Publishers Association and Chair of Norges Televisjon.

Forty-five years of experience in Publishing, some previous positions: CEO of The Norwegian Publishers Association (2011 – 2020), CEO the Norwegian Book Clubs (1991-2010). Chairman of Kunnskapsforlaget Publishing house (2000 – 2008). Managing director same place (2008- 2010). President of the Bjørnson Academy (The Norwegian Academy for Literature and Freedom to Speech), chair of the Norwegian Film Fund (2001 – 2007), chair of the Norwegian Film Institute (2008- 2012) and board member of NORLA (Norwegian Literature Abroad) (2018 -2020).

At StreetLib, Giacomo drives the company’s strategy and international expansion with a global outlook and a special focus on the emerging markets. Giacomo combines a passion for the Internet and blockchain technologies with his love for books as the best tool for improving human potential. Giacomo’s professional blog is the following:

After having worked as a Business Broker, an Online Marketeer as well as in Investor Relations, Eric Bartoletti founded his own consulting company with a focus on Start Ups and international expansion.

Since August 2018 he serves as Head of Business Development for Bookwire, developing the future of digital publishing together with his team, currently focussing on audiobook production, direct-to-customer solutions and the NFT platform «Creatokia».

Culture as a shared set of believes, behaviours and values is constantly being remodelled.

Verónica Reyero is a business anthropologist based in Valencia, Spain. She graduated in Social and Cultural Anthropology from the University of Granada and holds a Master’s degree on Rational Use of Medicines from the University of Valencia. As a researcher, Veronica has worked both in public and private organisations in national and international projects for various sectors including health, food, technology and Real Estate. Verónica is one of the founding partners of Antropología 2.0, a pioneering agency in applying an anthropological understading to business challenges. Reyero is also convener of the Applied Anthropology Network of the European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA). 


General Secretary of Fodazione Lia, Board Member at EDRLab and Member of the Board of Directors at IDPF.

Mussinelli has a good knowledge of the Italian and international publishing market, since has managed many projects both in traditional and digital publishing formats.

Cristina has specific know-how in digital publishing, using the emerging technologies for both production workflow and distribution channels.

Since 1990 has been involved in the following activities on behalf of major Italian publishing houses and media companies

  • Market analysis and benchmarking with Italian and International competitors to develop new business ideas
  • Feasibility studies on effective management of editorial content in media independent format in order to reuse them on many different support and delivery platforms (paper, off line, on line, print on demand, mobile)
  • Integrated management of editorial projects from the initial idea and market analysis to the final deployment on the market, including the management of all the legal aspects
  • Consultancy aimed to define effective technical solutions in order to manage each single project


Jens Jens Klingelhöfer is CEO and co-founder of the internationally established digital PubTech company Bookwire ( with offices in Frankfurt, London, Barcelona, Paris, Sao Paulo and Mexico-City. Bookwire is specializing in marketing ebooks, digital audiobooks and Print-on-demand products in all existing and emerging sales channels worldwide. The company works with over 2000 publishing houses for which it provides the world’s largest network and a fully integrated distribution and marketing platform solution “Bookwire OS”. Prior to the founding of Bookwire, he was a media manager in the music industry for over 10 years and was involved in many major and successful projects in music and entertainment.

Author’s right is freedom

After a degree in economics at the University of Bologna, Piero has been working in book publishing since 1986. In 1995 he joined AIE (Italian Publishers Association) where he is currently director of international affairs and R&D programmes and coordinates the activities of the academic publishing group. He is CEO of mEDRA (multilingual European DOI Registration Agency) and member of the Board of the Fondazione LIA, which provides services to enhance accessibility of ebooks for visually impaired people.
He has been the scientific director of the ARROW projects (, the leading European initiative to facilitate right information management in digital library programmes. He is member of the Board of the Federation of European Publishers, of the Executive committee of the ISBN International Agency, where he served as chair since 2006 to 2012, of the Membership Committee of the International Publishers Association, and the advisory board of the P&R Foundation. He was also board member of Editeur and of the International DOI Foundation and chaired the Standard and Technology Committee of the IPA.
He is author of many articles and two monographs about book industry, in particular about the impact of technologies on book trade and rights management in digital environment. He is lecturer in the Master course on publishing at the University of Milan.

One format to rule them all!

Italian computer engineer, Gregorio Pellegrino has a strong knowledge in the digital publishing field, new media with particular attention to accessibility for visually impaired people. He is a consultant in these areas for publishing companies (especially regarding formats, international standards and authoring platforms). He is the technical manager of Fondazione LIA where he coordinates consulting and training activities for national and international organisations who want to change their production processes in order to embrace accessibility. He is involved in international working-group devoted to accessibility of publications and standard formats.

Eric Briys is the co-founder of Cyberlibris, a French firm established in 2001. Cyberlibris is the pioneer of digital libraries predicated on streaming + subscription (more here:

Cyberlibris clients include business schools (, universities (,, corporations (, public libraries ( Cyberlibris partners with 900 + publishing houses.

Current topic of interest: How to use reading data and datavisualization to enhance content discoverability

Current favorite book: Gabriel Zaid, Los demasiados libros,