Pietro Biancardi


Pietro Biancardi worked for the publishing house Il Saggiatore and was a consultant for several other imprints before joining in 2009 Iperborea, an independent publishing house founded in 1987 by his mother Emilia Lodigiani and specialized in Northern European literature. Since 2014, when he became the publisher, Iperborea launched I Miniborei, a series of childrens’ literature, The Passengermagazine, Cose Spiegate Bene magazine, L’Integrale magazine, the series of international narrative non-fiction I Corvi, and the non-fiction imprint Altrecose, in collaboration with Il Post, the festival of Nordic culture I Boreali. He is also the co-founder and CEO of Libreria Verso, a bookshop and bar, and co-founder of the restaurant Trattoria della Gloria, both in Milan.