Rüdiger Wischenbart, born in 1956 in Graz, Austria, is the founder of “Content and Consulting” (since 2003), and a writer specialized in culture, cultural industries, the global book markets, innovation in the book industry, literature, media, and communication.
Most recently, he co-founded ReBoot Books, a series of professional debates on the international book business (www.rebootbooks.org ), and the Digital Consumer Book Barometer, a market report series with a focus on ebooks, audiobooks, online sales and subscription. (www.global-ebook.com ) Since 2007, he annually updates the Global 50 Ranking of the Publishing Industry (www.wischenbart.com/ranking), co-authors the Diversity Report series n literary translation in Europe (since 2008, www.culturaltransfers.org ), and he coordinates SIDT, a collaborative project for innovation trainings under a Creative Europe grant. (www.sidt-books.eu )
A former Head of Communications at the Frankfurt Book Fair and Director of International Affairs at BookExpo America, Wischenbart authored several books on migration and modernization in Central and South East Europe, notably “Canettis Angst” (1994).