Sakari Luovio


Sakari Luovio is Chief Sales Officer at since 2016, the market leading online-bookseller in the Nordics with strong presence also in brick & mortar. Before Adlibris Sakari was Head of Sales in the Nordics at Canadian publishing house Harlequin Enterprises and between the jobs within the book industry he was responsible for the sales in Nordics at Warner Bros for few years. He is also a Vice Chairman in the Booksellers Association of Finland since 2019, with the agenda to improve the business environment of Finnish bookstores and their interests. At Adlibris Sakari has set the commercial omnichannel strategy where the book is in the very center of it supported by the nonbooks-categories together with a data driven customer-obsessed organization. Sakari has a deep understanding of the dynamics of the book industry in the Nordics and in customer and monetary value drivers within ecommerce. Sakari has learning as his key personal driver – continuously learning how to optimize the omnichannel customer experience that converts to maximal sales.