Orna Ross

Every business is now in the publishing business

ORNA ROSS is a bestselling and award-winning novelist and poet and founder of two influential online creative communities: the Alliance of Independent Authors and The Creativist Club. A storyteller, word lover and creative connector, she shows indie authors and other creative entrepreneurs how to make a living doing the work they love… the creative way. “One of the 100 most influential people in publishing.” The Bookseller-

Previously Orna Ross publishes guidebooks for self-publishing authors and creative entrepreneurs as well as cross-generational, trans-Atlantic, historical fiction, multi-layered stories in which buried secrets from the past erupt into the present. She also writes inspirational poetry and has recently begun adapting her novels for screen.

The power and potential of digital publishing led her to take her rights back from her publisher in 2011 and she founded the Alliance of Independent Authors at London Book Fair in 2012. She is now a passionate advocate for self-publishing as artistic expression, viable business option for authors, and necessary skill for every business in today’s digital, networked economy.